Even more radical, even stronger, even faster. The Facelift with the name Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) on the market and whopping 740 HP!

The extra-powerful Lamborghini Aventador S takes over many parts of the Aventador LP750-4 SV, limited to 600, and various technical solutions from the Centenario hypersport car. Both front and rear have been made more aggressive, the front splitter is longer, two air ducts optimize airflow. At the rear, a new diffuser, optionally also in carbon, is used. An active tail wing takes three different positions depending on the mode and speed. The output on the front axle has been improved by the technicians by 130 percent, the efficiency in the wing has been improved by up to 400 percent. And the revised wheel suspensions are also supposed to provide more sportiness and driving dynamics.

Under the hood, of course, there remains the 6.5-liter V12 sucker. Thanks to optimized valve control and torque curve, it now delivers 740 instead of 700 hp. This is 20 hp more than the special model Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversario. The maximum engine speed increases from 8350 to 8500 rpm. Thus, the Aventador S sprints in 2.9 seconds from speed 0 to 100, at 350 km / h is the end. A seven-speed automatic transmission takes over the gear shift. As with the predecessor, six of the twelve cylinders are switched off under low load.

From the Centenario hypersport car, the Aventador S will take over the rear axle steering. Within milliseconds, the rear wheels react to the steering angle and virtually reduce the wheelbase – the Aventador is more zigzag, but also more stable around the curves. Active dampers, four selectable driving modes with effect on drive, steering and suspension are also included. Also new is the infotainment: the display becomes significantly larger and replaces the now overhooked Audi system of the Aventador built since 2011. Apple CarPlay and voice control are standard, a telemetry system for driving and performance costs extra.

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